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Todd Kelly has been named a Texas "Super Lawyer" for both 2011 and 2012.

Todd is rated "AV" by the Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Rating Service.

Todd is a member of the prestigious
Million Dollar Advocate's Forum
and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocate's Forum.

Additionally, Todd:

*is a graduate of Gerry Spence's
Trial Lawyers' College.

*was selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine

*has been rated "Superb" by the Attorney Review Company, AVVO for 2010, 2011 &   

H-Texas Texas Magazine has rated Kelly as one of the Top Attorneys in Texas in 2011,
Houston's Top Lawyers (2009, 2010 & 2011), Houston's Best Attorneys (2007 & 2008), and
Top Lawyers for the People (2005)
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

Representing People Injured by the Acts of Others
Welcome to the Kelly Law Firm, and
thank you for taking the time to learn
more about us. Since 1995, Todd
Kelly has championed the cause of
those needing representation in the
courtroom.  He has helped countless
clients navigate the difficult and often
confusing world of the legal system.  
Applying rigorous energy, experience,
and resourcefulness to every case he
accepts, he is dedicated to the success
of each of his clients.
The attorneys of The Kelly Law Firm have achieved verdicts and settlements
resulting in millions of dollars in compensation to their clients.  We have the
experience and tenacity to help our clients through the very complicated legal system
on the path to justice.

The Kelly Law Firm represents people injured by the neglect or intentional acts of
others.  Our primary practice areas include medical negligence, serious automobile
collisions, employment law, sexual harassment, inadequate security leading to
assaults and other attacks, and nursing home abuse.

As the caption says, we are
trial lawyers.  What that means is that we will not only
thoroughly investigate your claim, but will take your case to a jury when the
insurance companies refuse to offer fair compensation - we will take them to a
verdict.  Our role in the litigation process is to prepare not only the case, but also the
client, for the grueling experience that a long trial can be.  We understand that you
only get one shot at justice, and it is our intention to make that one shot count.

While it is our purpose to prepare your case to proceed through the legal system, we
view our responsibility to you as "counselors" as equally important.  Many of the
issues that you face on a daily basis have been addressed by others who have gone
through similar tragedy.  Please visit our
reference page for services you may find
useful in your struggle.  
What You Should Know:
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Reviewing this web-site does not create an attorney-client relationship or otherwise require
further consultation by any attorney mentioned herein.  Attorneys not licensed by the Texas
Board of Legal Specialization.
Welcome to the Kelly Law Firm, and thank you for all
the support over the years.  As a result of the limits on
damages placed on legitimate claims by the Texas
Legislature in the movement they dubbed "Tort
Reform," I have closed my doors.  I will continue to
serve the people of Texas who have been injured by the
wrongful acts of others, by combining forces with the
attorneys of The Carlson Law Firm, in Austin, Texas.  
Please feel free to review this site for information about
me, personally, then visit
for information about The Carlson Law Firm.  
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